Podcast Puzzlemania

On Air Fest is a days-long celebration of podcasts, occurring from Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2024, in Brooklyn, NY. One of the participants is Hark Audio, which curates snippets of different podcasts into what are essentially podcast mixtapes, allowing the listener get a good sampling of what’s going on out there in podcastland.

Hark Audio wanted something nifty to hand out to people visiting their booth, and what could be better than a bunch of podcast-related puzzles? So they commissioned Puzzlesnacks to create bunch of ’em — a crossword, a word search, and a couple of miscellaneous offerings. Knowledge of the podcast scene isn’t necessary to solve these puzzles, but it might come in handy here and there.

Get Podcast Puzzlemania here!

Podcast crossword only (more readable format) | Answer

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