Puzzlesnacks for Kids

Puzzlesnacks are a great introduction to puzzles for kids ages 9 and up!

Some kids will be able to solve nearly every Puzzlesnacks puzzle right away, but others will need assistance. Parents and teachers are encouraged to work with young puzzlers, giving them hints as needed. Below is a reasonable guide to how kids will fare with an average Puzzlesnacks puzzle… but don’t overlook the kid-specific offerings in the Puzzlesnacks Shop.


Significant guidance will be needed on almost every puzzle

10-11 YEARS OLD:

Kids can solve the occasional puzzle solo; on others, many hints will be necessary

12-13 YEARS OLD:

Kids can solve more than a few puzzles on their own, but assistance will sometimes be needed

14 AND UP:

Kids can solve many Puzzlesnacks, perhaps with the occasional nudge

We at Puzzlesnacks think it’s important that kids have access to high-quality puzzles – that’s why we post the weekly puzzle on this Web site for free. But if you’re an adult, please do subscribe – that’s what keeps this site running, it’s a great value at only $3/month, and you’ll get lots of bonus puzzles as a thank you!